SteelManager has been designed by people who understand the industry.   Off-the-shelf general business administration solutions may seem attractive but lack the functionality necessary to fully manage the technical complexities inherent in metals stocking and processing.   Conversely, many users have locked themselves into bespoke solutions supported by limited IT resources.   By opting for SteelManager you will have the reassurance of a true metals industry solution together with the inbuilt flexibility and functionality to fully meet your needs.  The product is built around a series of linked modules which can be selected and configured to accurately reflect the requirements of your business.  As these requirements change, existing modules can be re-configured or new modules added.    Control remains with you and you pay only for what you need, making it a very cost-effective solution.   SteelManager provides the operational visibility to enable effective decision making.  Benefits to your business include reduced stock levels, more efficient use of production resources, minimised enquiry-to-quotation and order-to-despatch times, and a reduction in administrative overheads.    


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